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Are you thinking of earning a living (or at least a little more money) by doing body painting? Is it possible to earn a living doing body painting? Yes, you can make good money as a ‘professional’ body painter, and even 12-year-olds make good money (about $ 500 to $ 400 an afternoon) by doing simple painting techniques, like retouched temporary tattoos at fairs and festivals.

It can be hard to believe that there are so many different ways to make money painting your body. I know that when I discovered the art of body painting, I thought that maybe you could make some temporary money at a party or fair. But there are many, many other possibilities, as you will see.

Here are just 10 ways you could be paid to do body painting:

1. Doing body painting at parties. You could hire for a night or a day and be paid hourly or a flat fee for the event.
2. Paint party participants before going to a party or event. Theme or festive parties would be a good opportunity for this. Be sure to mention that you can also paint your friends’ bodies!
3. As a professional theater painter. You could do a show at a discount to enter the store and get some recognition, if you don’t already have a history.
4. Travel with the circus as your “in-house” makeup artist.
5. Become the official body painter for a dance company. Again, you can work for a low fee or even free to enter the door.
6. Face painting alone opens up several opportunities: parties, festivals, fairs and special events, all are possible places for you to open a store. Just make sure (as with all of these options) that you are using suitable anti-allergic paints, intended for face painting only.
7. Special events such as graduations, celebrations, fundraising and meetings.
8. Sporting events: painting the fans with the colors and symbols of your team has a long tradition.
9. Festivals around the world. There are several festivals specifically for body painting around the world, but there are many more that would be a great place for body painting. Research the festivals in your area and find out how to become a seller and what your requirements and rules are.
10. Teach others to do body painting. You can conduct a unique workshop, give continuous group classes or even take a body painting course online (as I am doing).

I hope this gives you some good ideas on how you can make money as a body painting artist. You may have even thought of some ways I didn’t include … great! Choose a method, research what you need to do to get started and go ahead!

Bonus tip:

Here’s a secret tip … since you’re considering one of the possibilities above. Don’t choose what you think would make you the most money … choose what you think would make you happier and better. You will always do something else that you love to do in the long run!

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