What I admire and what intrigues me at the same time is that most people live in deep stubbornness. We are very diligent and persistent in making the same mistakes and expecting different results. So why? We just don’t trust our intelligence. Yes, in some cases, we consider ourselves the most intelligent species, in others, however, we operate at a lower level than a single-celled creature.

I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of people, and what I found to be common to them is that they prefer to suffer, as long as they feel comfortable in their area. Yes, the individual’s comfort zone is what can build or destroy him. Things done in the same way over and over, with the expectation of bringing different results, what a pathetic thing. However, most of our behaviors are like that. How many times have you looked in the same drawer, on the same shelf, in the same bag, when trying to find something. I remember a joke in which there are two people, one looking for something, the other watching the situation. Finally, the observer says, why are you looking at the same place in the last 20 minutes, you know that there is nothing; and what you are looking for answers: yes I know, but this point is well lit so that I can see better.

Get out of the situation of good visibility. Your wedding needs a different setting. Scenario, where things don’t look the same, in fact, they may feel uncomfortable. Good. This will make you move. This will make your blood flow faster, initiate changes in the way you two look at each other. Remember, love never dies. If you were there to start, you just lost touch. If it never was, now is the time to stop making mistakes because of … what?

I have lived times of love and times of deceiving myself. It’s what I feel? Life with love is natural, it brings everything we need. The life of lies, of pretending, requires many manipulations, agreements, hollows. It’s not worth it, it’s like going against the natural current of the river. Do you like it? Maybe for a little while. To start, but not forever. Nature is natural; guides our lives with the flow of a river.

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