Do you know how thin people seem to eat a lot more and never gain weight? Here’s an eye opener for you.

Here is a comparison of foods so you can see how much healthier food you would have to eat to consume the same amount of calories you eat with an unhealthy diet.

How about lunch?

Whopper with cheese 850

French Fries 370

Med. Coca 210

Total calories 1430


Turkey and cheese sandwich,

Lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise in wheat 364

Doritos Nacho Cheese 140

Lemonade (8 ounces) 90

Total calories 594

Cut the mayonnaise and you’ll cut another 100 calories. Or be sure to use a light mayonnaise. Eat some fruit instead of the fries and you’ll cut another 75 to 100 calories and get 3 servings of fruits and vegetables. So, let’s say your smart lunch is generating about 464 calories. And you’ll be running in circles around your not-so-smart comrades.

Imagine how much work it takes for your body to process the 710 calories that come from FAT in the Whopper meal. Is it any wonder that you are falling asleep at 2:00 in the afternoon?

In addition, using smart choices, you only consumed 759 calories per day. If you are on the recommended calorie count for 1,500 calories, you still have 741 more calories to complete. You can still eat chocolate and have a nice dinner. I think everyone should eat chocolate every day. We would have a much happier world.

Don’t be tempted to fall into the trap of not eating enough. Eat until you are satisfied. You will be less tempted to eat “bad” things.

Plus, you’ll have more energy to stay active and burn even more calories. Isn’t it fun? Once you’ve improved making smarter choices, you’ll never have to count calories again!

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