Many people look at bodybuilders as self-obsessed “idiots” and spend all the time in the gym. Although almost all gyms have at least some of those types of guys who practically live there, that doesn’t mean that the rest of us, who just want to get better, fall into the same mold. If you walk into a gym and see a strong person who is not tattooed from head to toe, screaming between sets as if on fire and not giving people mean looks, then that person is probably there for good reason. Generally, guys who don’t fall into the “gym shower” category are there because being in shape draws attention in a positive way, increases discipline, not to mention the health benefits of having a daily exercise regime. Let’s start with the positive attention that comes to those who work out.

Take, for example, Armani who gives an interview for a job as a sales representative for the protein powder Whey Tech. The interviewer will probably be able to say that Armani trains just by looking at his physique, but there is still more to be assumed. Now, many people try not to have preconceived judgments about others, but sometimes it is almost inevitable to assume certain things when looking at a particular individual, such as a gym addict. And the beauty of it all is that Armani probably knows all of this, as do 99.9% of all gym addicts. Armani must know that in the aforementioned scenario, he definitely attracted positive attention to himself. The interviewer can also see that Armani must have a certain level of discipline necessary to maintain his physique and also that he must know a thing or two when it comes to eating healthy and protein supplements.

What people seem to forget is that it takes a lot of hard work and discipline to get your body the way you want it, without taking steroids. For example, I am six feet tall and weigh 220 pounds with a 33-34 inch waist with 18 inch arms (when flexing). Being where I am today is a reward in itself, but I didn’t get here eating French fries and watching TV. I have a workout schedule where I exercise 4-5 days a week and do an hour of cardio every day. By the way, I must also maintain certain eating habits that give my body what it needs to grow and eliminate excess fat and water. I start my day by waking up an hour early to make my breakfast, which is 6 hard-boiled eggs, an apple and oats. So I eat at least 6-7 meals throughout the day, which gives me a total of 250-310 grams of protein. Now tell me it doesn’t show a substantial amount of discipline …

And finally, we come to the health benefits of exercise. Now those fanatical guys that were mentioned earlier, who do all the screaming and vicious assaults, are more than likely on steroids. I came to that conclusion based on my observations of 5 years of training at various gyms across the country. What these guys are doing is definitely not healthy or safe. The other guys who are there to be active and maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle are the ones who are really benefiting from their workouts. It is widely known that those who exercise regularly have a greater chance of living longer with less health problems. Even though it is a lot of work, those who resist usually have a more positive outlook on life, which provides a sense of accomplishment. What do you think of this lifestyle?

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