You’re in the market for a job, you NEED a job and it seems like they want to hire you. Congratulations.

Then they say, “But first, we need you to go to this website and take a timed test online. Don’t worry, it’s an easy test, there are no right or wrong answers.” You sigh in relief. But you shouldn’t. They just lied to you.

Personality tests are designed to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the position. If you’ve passed the interview and they say the only set left is the personality test, then you’re probably a good fit for the position. So they lied when they said, “There are no right or wrong answers.”

Most tests consist of 100 questions or are based on 100 points. Each correct answer gives you a point. Each wrong answer gives you zero points. The more points, the better your score. Are you with me so far?

You will come to a question that says, “Have you ever lied on a personality test?”

What are they REALLY asking? “You’re a liar?” No, you’re not a liar, but you want the job, right? What do you do? Do you answer honestly and are you wrong? Do you compromise your standards and get the correct answer?

The problem with personality tests is that they are designed to compromise your standards and at the same time determine whether or not you are willing to compromise your standards. This is a standard Catch-22 situation.

The bottom line when taking a personality test is that you WANT and NEED a job. Will you behave dishonestly and without integrity at work? I certainly HOPE not! If you want to keep that job that you just compromised your standards for, then you will show how high your standards are by meeting them every day.

  • If you said you LIKE working with people, show it.
  • If you said it works well without a lot of supervision, go for it.
  • If the test asked you if you can forgive people for making a small mistake, don’t get discouraged at work.

The way I see it, you need to know HOW to take the personality test in order to GET the job. You may need to be a little less honest to provide your future employer with the best possible employee.

I know, it’s messy, but it’s standard hiring practice. Learn to take the test and you will be fine once you are hired.

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