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If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you do not
have integrity, nothing else matters. – Alan K. Simpson

If I asked which attribute is the most influential
regarding the success of a business, would you know
immediately which is the most important? Based on my
many years as a businessman and entrepreneur, I have
I found that at the top of the list is the
distinct quality of integrity. No integrity in
In charge of a company, a business is usually short-lived. Inside
In fact, when business integrity is present throughout the
deeper layers of a company and not just on its surface,
becomes the heart and soul of the company’s culture and can
means the difference between a successful company and a
company that falters.

The immeasurable impact of the Internet on the Marketplace!

The importance of integrity has always existed among
business community, but recently it has been shown as
to whom. It is the immeasurable impact of the Internet on
the global market that is now expressing
extremely important integrity, reliability and credibility.
Furthermore, the consequence of global competition means
that customers simply don’t consider a company that shows
any less than the highest level of integrity. Since there is
a wide variety of competitive companies easily available and
accessible via the Internet, there is no need to
accept anything less than the best.

Where does integrity begin?

In an effort to build on a foundation of integrity, the
the first requirement would be to establish an excellent relationship
with customers. Based on many years of study, the best and
most practiced method of achieving rapport is through
Marketing of relationship. As it seems, relationship
Marketing is based on the single most critical
characteristic, known as “Integrity”. However, achieving
true integrity with customers often leaves many
perplexed businessman, eager for techniques and
strategies that guarantee their futures. But integrity is
not something that can be apprehended and simply used.
Integrity in its essence must be so ingrained in the
nature of an individual, his company and team members,
that remains constant no matter what. No doubt,
others perceive it and find it very attractive.

The true nature of integrity!

Now you’re probably wondering, what is the real
nature of integrity? In fact, there are some
principles that involve business qualities
integrity. In essence, integrity starts with a company
leader who understands the qualities of integrity that then
filters across the company across all departments
and the approach and attitude of each member.

In a recent survey conducted by the Institute of Business
Ethics – an organization that is among the world leaders
in promoting best corporate ethical practices, it was found
that companies demonstrate a “clear commitment to ethics
conduct “almost invariably outperforms companies that do not
display ethical conduct. The Director of the Institute of
Business Ethics, Philippa Foster Black, stated: “Not only
ethical behavior in the business world the right and
thing to do but it has been proven that
behavior pays off in financial returns. “These discoveries
deserve to be considered as an important tool for companies
seeking long-term prospects and growth.

The following 7 Principles of Business Integrity are the
basic notions of integrity and a good starting point for
consider. Integrating each of these principles into a
company environment, the result will be nothing less than a
great revival of the company.

Principle # 1: Recognize that customers / clients want to do business
with a company they can trust; when trust is at the center
of a company, it’s easy to recognize. Defined trust is
guaranteed confidence in character, ability, strength or
business truth.

Principle 2: For the continuous improvement of a company, the leader
an organization must be willing to open up to ideas
for improvement. Ask for opinions and feedback from
customers and team members and your company
will continue to grow.

Principle # 3: Regardless of the circumstances, do everything on your
power to gain the trust of previous clients and customers,
particularly if something went wrong. Do what you
can recover any lost business, honoring everyone
commitments and obligations.

Principle 4: re-evaluate all printed materials, including advertising for small businesses, brochures and other business documents
making sure they are clear, accurate and professional;
most importantly, make sure that they do not represent evil or

Principle No. 5: Stay involved in issues related to the community and
activities, thus demonstrating that your business is a
responsible contributor to the community. In other words, stay

Principle # 6: Take a practical approach to accounting and
record-keeping, not just as a means of achieving better
feel your company’s progress, but as a resource
for any “questionable” activities; gaining control of
accounting and record keeping allows you to terminate any
dubious activities promptly.

Principle No. 7: Treat others with the utmost respect. Regardless of
differences, positions, titles, ages or other types of
distinctions, always treat others professionally
respect and courtesy.

Although it is certainly an integral and positive step towards
a small business to recognize the importance of integrity
as a tool to achieve the desired results, that is, only
the beginning. What really should be recognized as true
success is that while certain precise universal principles
lead to business integrity, is in the general mindset of
the company and the foolproof implementation of these keys
elements that a company is truly defined. A small
businesses that instill a deeply rooted theme of integrity
within their strategies and policies will not only be evident
between customers, associates and partners, but in general
influence cannot help but results in a profitable,
successful company. By recognizing the value of integrity,
and following each of the 7 principles mentioned above for
achieving integrity, your success cannot be far away.

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