PowerPoint presentations are often used in schools and businesses. They are a powerful means of instructing students, as well as entrepreneurs, as they can be easily captured with visual aids accompanied by appropriate statements. That is why they are often used to explain, illustrate, demonstrate and enlighten the audience of the speakers. Working with PowerPoint is also easy, so people are able to articulate what they want to express without difficulty. The problem with working with many PowerPoint presentations is that they can often be misplaced. That’s why you need to know how to easily locate a PowerPoint presentation.

There are simple ways that will allow you to find the PowerPoint presentation you are looking for. First, when you want to search for PPT files on your computer, the simplest method is to use the Find built into your operating system. Windows users will certainly see this as an easy task, as they can simply go to the Start button and select Search or Find. After that, they can specify the file name of the PPT presentation they are looking for. If you forgot what the file name is, don’t worry, as you can just enter ‘* .PPT’ ?? and you will get all the PowerPoint files on your computer.

You may also need to specify the path where the computer will search. For example, if you believe that the PPT file is located on local hard drive C, you can just select C as the location. This will allow you to get the results faster. If you don’t know the exact location where you saved the file, choose Desktop. However, you should be prepared to wait several minutes, especially if you have a large computer system.

Meanwhile, when you are looking for PowerPoint files on the internet, the syntax is not the same. Of course, you can use Google or any search engine to find PowerPoint presentations on the web, but that doesn’t limit the results to PPT files. It’s good that there are ways to improve your web searches. To do this, you can go to your favorite search engine and enter the topic you are looking for. Then type ‘filetype: PPT’ ?? For example, you are looking for the exact phrase “strategic plans”. ?? Will you need to enter the following in the search engine box: ‘strategic plans’ ?? filetype: ppt.

To make things even easier, you can search for a PowerPoint file finder. They act as a PowerPoint search engine, where they will help you find the PowerPoint presentation at the last possible moment. You can benefit from them if you really need the files in minutes. They can provide the results in a minute and also provide accurate results. These tools can only be used when you are looking for PPT files on your computer. If you want to search for these files on the Internet, the web search engine can do the job for you.

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